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The Premier Source For Started Poultry In The Texas Hill Country!


It's that time of year again when we get regular shipments of chicks!

hatch available 4/17
Buff Geese
Bourbon Red turkeys
Narragansett turkeys
royal palm turkeys

hatch available 4/24
White Leghorns
black beauty sex link
golden comet sex link
production reds
barred Plymouth rocks
black australorps
buff orpingtons
silver laced wyandottes
americaunas easter eggers
naked necks
golden laced wyandottes
assorted straight run silkies

Tips for a successful visit:

1.  Come prepared.  Know ahead of time what breed and age of bird you are wanting.  As part of our biosecurity measures we do not allow customers to roam the property or enter the pens.   This keeps our flocks and yours protected from any diseases customers might carry in from their flock.
2.  Bring a box or a pet carrier to transport your birds.  We bring your order to the front in open cages to allow you to view and inspect your order prior to loading them into your transport cages.  Boxes are available if needed.
3.  Be ready to care for chicks.  Have a brooder prepared for them ahead of time.
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